Parr Story


Over the years Parr has evolved from its origins as a family business to a business made up of people who feel like family. The ownership group of Chelsea, Don, David, Brayden, and Shane have developed a core team of people who love the industry and enjoy working with each other every day.

“Impacting people and community accidentally on purpose through our world class collision repair” – Parr’s Vision

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Had an accident?

Rest assured your vehicle will leave Parr in ‘as good’ if not BETTER than pre-accident condition.

What do I do now?

Our Production is Lean

  • Parr has embraced the cutting edge Lean Process – creating efficiencies in our business operations.
  • Increased productivity & workflow.
  • We consistently provide highly accurate repairs and service.

Our Service is Second to None

  • Our team uses the most up to date tools & equipment.
  • We follow ALL the rules with our customer’s safety as our top priority.
  • We bring vehicles back to as good if not better than pre-accident condition.

Our Team is Talented, Engaged, and Tons of Fun

  • We provide continual training, mentorship, and other opportunities to learn.
  • We practice open book financial management and our team helps to make business decisions along with our owners.
  • The Parr team is made up of experts, passionate about collision repair!

Our Relationships are Solid

  • We build long term relationships with our customers.
  • We have valuable relationships with our vendors, suppliers, insurance agents, and local businesses.
  • Our customers leave happy and that means we have turned a tough situation into a positive outcome. We call it seamless and stress free!

Parr Auto Body has been around Saskatoon since 1952, and has built its reputation on relationships, giving back to the community, and in the world class technical expertise and safety methods we practice. Our fearless leader, Tom Bissonnette’s vision of an ownership group has come to fruition and we are proud to carry the business into the future.