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What We Believe

Coming to Parr Auto Body is an experience. Stop for a coffee, take a tour of the shop. Find out what’s important to our team at Parr Auto Body. We want you to feel like you are part of our family!

Our Vision

Parr’s Vision is to become an organization that operates in a stress-free and seamless work environment which provides an exceptional collision repair experience for every customer.

Our Commitment to Service

Parr Auto Body is proud to be an “Elite SGI Accredited Repair Facility”, the highest ranking our insurance company gives. We adhere to the highest standards to ensure you receive the best product and service. We choose our product based on their long-term sustainability over simply cutting costs (which sees some short term savings but those aren’t usually passed back to the customer). Our goal is to be honest in our efforts, maintain integrity in our attitudes, strive to ensure safety in our product, and deliver the highest quality craftsmanship in the Saskatoon automotive repair scene.

As of spring 2016 Parr Auto Body has also attained status with Honda Canada as a Profirst Collision Repair Facility. In addition to that we’ve joined the Certified Collision Care Program in Canada.
Check it out under our “News” Section.

A Message From the Owners

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We Are Honest

We don’t tell half-truths or shady interpretations of the facts.

We Have Integrity

We make sure the job is done right even when it isn’t convenient.

We Emphasize Safety

Our work is done to ensure your vehicle is brought up to pre-accident condition and able to keep your family safe on the road.

We Promote Craftsmanship

Our staff are constantly taking courses and improving their skill sets to serve you better.

Step 1: File an insurance claim with SGI_logo_colour-header

Step 2: Contact us!


 Have you been in a collision? Are you concerned your vehicle may be written off? We’re in the business of fixing vehicles, not writing them off. Before a major decision is made, call or email us and see if we can help you.


Sometimes, what a customer wants and needs are two different things. So often we get a phone call or a customer walking in – asking for an estimate. In reality what they need is advice from a professional. Historically speaking – we’ve always given estimates – it’s what we do in our industry. Its what our insurance company does. But what is an estimate?


1.roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of.”the aim is to estimate the effects of macroeconomic policy on the economy”synonyms:calculate roughly, approximate, guess;

Do you want to leave your vehicle with a repair facility with only an estimate? Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly what we’re doing, how much it’s going to cost and how long it may take?

We’d like to change Estimate to Advice or Repair Plan. Often, a customer just needs confirmation that the idea they have will work. Sometimes, they need to hear that “the rust cannot be fixed”.
Other times – and these times it’s most important, is for them to hear how we’re going to fix their vehicle and how long it may take.

Let’s start here. You’ve had an accident. Now what?

  1. Call or set up your insurance claim online (if you’re going through insurance). Otherwise, call us! We may get you to take a few photos and send them to us and we’ll get back to you on how best to proceed. We love to give advice via email: info@parrautobody.com
  2. We can then set up a consultation where we take approximately 4 hours (depending on the state of damage) to dismantle and discover all of the damage on your vehicle. If the damage is very superficial, we may have you come over for a “while you wait” consultation. During this consultation we’ll do physical dismantle and discovery, identify parts and labour required for the repairs and photo document as we go. If your vehicle is not safe to be driven, we move it into our TRIAGE or Tow In line up. Then we button your vehicle back up, as long as it’s safe, and send you on your way.
  3. We build the “Repair Plan”. We price out all parts and labour requirements, get insurance approval if needed, get ETA’s on parts, schedule you for repairs. Our goal is to have all that’s needed so that once we have your vehicle in our production shop, our professionals can dismantle, repair, replace, refinish and get you back on the road with as little downtime as possible.



Parr Auto body exceeded my expectations. The front end staff was fun, friendly, courteous and professional. I was kept up to date on the repair progress by email and pictures. The work was done in a timely fashion and the result was an excellent job. The detailing was great and a nice touch. I would definitely recommend Parr Auto body to anyone. It was a great experience.

Doug Hopkins

The staff was a treat to deal with, and they made the whole experience as painless and convenient as possible. I loved that my car was returned to me shiny and clean, inside and out. I highly recommend Parr and wouldn't hesitate to bring my car there again in the future. Thanks for doing such a great job!


I have had my wife's Honda CRV in for repairs twice this year and our truck in also for hail damage. They were prompt with the repairs and gave us a ride to and from the repair shop. I would not hesitate to take our vehicles back for repairs. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 10!!

Bill Snyder

My vehicle was detailed by the staff at PARR and they did and incredible job! Such friendly, professional people doing amazing work. Very impressed.

Michelle Newton

We are now offering Detailing and Polishing Packages
Call us today for more information


When will my car be ready?

The question we hear all day long? It is a totally valid question and concern from our customers. We all need wheels, we need to plan our busy lives and organize, carpool, hockey and dance schedules, road trips, etc.
The short answer? We don’t know. What we do know is this:

When your vehicle is dropped off for repairs this is what happens to it.
Incoming process: including a wash, inspection for unrelated damages with detailed photos
Disassembly and inspection: We do 100% disassembly and discovery. This is where further damage and/or parts are discovered. We build a repair plan to get you back on the road safely!
Body/Frame repairs: Our techs coordinate and once have all parts necessary, begin the repairs to your vehicle. The length of time in this part of the process varies depending on several things. Are we replacing large pieces of sheet metal? How many panels of the vehicle we’re repairing? Is there paintless dent repair involved? Is there glass to remove and replace?
Prep and Refinish: Once your vehicle is finished in the body department, it moves to prep and paint. We’ve already got your paint colour chosen and most often, the paint mixed. But there’s a few steps ahead of spraying on colour! We carefully prep your vehicle, then clean it, mask it and get it ready for our techs to spray the waterbase colour coat and then the clear coat.
Assembly: Where we re-build it together again. This depends on how much of the vehicle was apart during the repairs. We also may send your vehicle out for any suspension/mechanical repairs at this time, for example, a wheel alignment if required.
Outgoing Clean: We’re on the home stretch.
Quality Verification: We do QV checks throughout your repairs but before we call you, a final check over is done.
 The keys cross the front desk, and we call you for pick up!

I want to know more!  How can I get in touch?

Drop us a line using the form below or message us on Facebook. We would be pleased to answer your questions or queries.

Do you provide courtesy or rental cars?

Parr does not have courtesy vehicles that we own, but we have partnered with Enterprise to provide you with great rates and service for cars, trucks and SUV’s if your rental is not covered by insurance. We also can manage your SGI pay rental through Enterprise. Ask us about it and we” be pleased to help you through the process.
Did you know you can add “loss of use” to your package policy for a reasonable amount of money? Make sure and ask your insurance broker about it when you are renewing your package policy!
If you do not require a rental, we can certainly shuttle you where you need to go!

Do we do mechanical or suspension work?

Much as we’d love to, we’ve chosen to specialize in collision repair only. We sublet (send out) all of our mechanical work, including wheel alignments to a select shop(s) that we highly trust with both our own vehicles and our customers’ vehicles.

Will you do an estimate to paint my whole vehicle, or fix rust?

We have chosen to specialize in collision repair, hail repair, animal hits, vandalism, etc. in order to best fit our customer’s needs. By all means, we would be glad to take a peek and give you some advice on the best way to proceed with your vehicle’s concerns. We often refer certain jobs to other partners in our industry that can best fit your requirements. We always want you to spend your hard earned dollars wisely.

In rust repair, once it’s there, even fixed, it will never truly go away. Best way to get that rust to leave? Replace the entire panel! We would be happy to do an estimate to handle that for you.

What is Betterment and/or Depreciation?

Betterment, also known as depreciation is a charge some insurance companies pass onto their customers for wearable parts. For example, if your tire is damaged in a collision, you are entitled to a new tire to replace the damaged one but if your tire is partially worn out, the insurance company will only pay for the “new” portion of the tire and expects the owner to pay the difference. Betterment can be charged on tires, suspension, wearable parts, even previously damaged body panels that require fixing under the insurance claim.

What the heck is PDR?

PDR or Paintless Dent Repair is a unique way of repairing some hail damage or minor “soft” dents that have not cracked the paint. We have an in house expert that can perform wonders with PDR!