Got Questions?


If you have questions…guess what?
It’s your lucky day because we have answers to your most frequently asked questions!

What do I do if my vehicle has hail damage?

If your vehicle was damaged from a hail storm, you are required to contact SGI first if you want to make an insurance claim.  Once you have received your claim number then contact us so we can schedule you in!

What do I do if I’ve been in an accident???

First of all, are you ok?? Ok, good.

Now, you need to make an insurance claim through SGI first. Once you have contacted them you will have an appointment to go down to one of their offices to meet with an insurance adjuster who will assess your vehicle’s damage.

After that appointment, you will leave with your claim details. As soon as you have those papers, you can call us!

We will get you in for a Parr Strip so we can assess the damage alongside the claim from SGI. Read more about how smooth the process is with Parr on our Had An Accident page!

NOTE: If you are not going through insurance, give us a call. We are in the business of fixing vehicles, NOT writing them off!

Do you provide courtesy or rental cars?

While Parr does not own courtesy vehicles of our own, but we partner with Enterprise to provide you with great rates and service for cars, trucks, and SUV’s if your rental is not covered by insurance. We also can manage your SGI pay rental through Enterprise. Ask us about it and we would be happy to help you through that process.

Did you know you can add “loss of use” to your package policy for a reasonable amount of money? Make sure and ask your insurance broker about it when you are renewing your package policy!

If you do not require a rental, we can certainly shuttle you where you need to go!

Will you do an estimate to paint my whole vehicle, or fix rust?

We have chosen to specialize in collision repair, hail repair, animal hits, vandalism, etc. in order to best fit our customer’s needs. By all means, we would be glad to take a peek and give you some advice on the best way to proceed with your vehicle’s concerns. We often refer certain jobs to other partners in our industry that can best fit your requirements. We always want you to spend your hard earned dollars wisely.

With respect to rust repair, once it’s there, even fixed, it will never truly go away. Best way to get that rust to leave? Replace the entire panel! We would be happy to do an estimate for us to handle that for you.

What is betterment and/or depreciation?

Betterment, also known as depreciation, is a charge some insurance companies pass onto their customers for wearable parts. For example, if your tire is damaged in a collision, you are entitled to a new tire to replace the damaged one but if your tire is partially worn out, the insurance company will only pay for the “new” portion of the tire and expect the owner to pay the difference. Betterment can be charged on tires, suspension, wearable parts, even previously damaged body panels that require fixing under the insurance claim.

What the heck is PDR?

PDR or Paintless Dent Repair is a unique way of repairing some hail damage or minor “soft” dents that have not cracked the paint. We have an in house expert that can perform wonders with PDR!

When will my vehicle be ready?

Hmm, well this is a question we hear all day long. It is a totally valid question and concern from our customers. We all need wheels, we need to plan our busy lives and organize, carpool, hockey and dance schedules, road trips, etc.

The short answer? We can’t always give you a day and time right off the bat. What we do know is when your vehicle is dropped off for repairs this is what happens to it:

The Body Shop

  • Our technicians coordinate with each other to ensure they have all necessary parts for your vehicle.
  • Repairs start here and include panel replacement and possible light frame pulling

The Refinish Shop

  • Once your vehicle is finished in the body shop, it moves to prep and paint.
  • We’ve already got your paint colour chosen and most often, the paint mixed. But there’s a few steps ahead of spraying on colour!
  • We carefully prep your vehicle, then clean it, mask it and get it ready for our techs to spray the PPG Envirobase colour.
  • Base coat is finished off with PPG Envirobase Clear Coat.


  • This is where we put your vehicle all back together again.
  • The length of time in assembly depends on how much of the vehicle was taken apart during the repair process.
  • At this point, we may send your vehicle out for any suspension/mechanical repairs; for example, a wheel alignment if required.

And finally…


  • Your vehicle goes through our outgoing detail process.
  • We do a thorough inspection ensuring that all items in the Parr Prescription are completed.

We call you when the keys cross our front desk and it’s then it’s ready for pick up!

Do you do mechanical or suspension work?

As much as we’d love to, we’ve chosen to specialize in collision repair only. We sublet (send out) all of our mechanical work, including wheel alignments to a select shop(s) that we highly trust with both our own vehicles and our customers’ vehicles.