Our Team

Our Crew

The team at Parr Auto Body is made of up a unique group of super cool, passionate, people who don’t hesitate to go above and beyond to make bringing your vehicle into our shop, a positive and enjoyable experience. But guess what? This team of people also goes above and beyond to make Parr a wonderful place to come to work every day.

So, here’s an opportunity to get to know more about the people behind these smiling faces…and you will see why we love what we do!

Chelsea Stebner

Managing Partner

Chelsea is the definition of kindness and leadership. Her warm smile brightens everyone’s day and her organization skills lead to a productive and calming environment. Chelsea says that auto body chose her by accident….no pun intended. Really though, Chelsea says it’s not about the cars, but about the people and the opportunity to make a difference all around her that keep her engaged in this crazy industry. In her ‘spare time’ she loves to bake and cook, spends time with her black lab Bella (our shop dog) and heading out on adventures with her 2 daughters and hubby, along with their truck Ginger!

Brayden Neufeld

Co-Owner & Journeyperson Collision Repair Technician

Brayden, aka, Mr. Jokes and Smiles……never fails to put a smile on everyone else’s face. He’s not only our team leader but a teacher and a role model whose ability to look forward past obstacles to a positive outcome is unique and influential in our shop. Brayden started working in collision repair so he could earn dollars to drive long distance to see his girlfriend, now his lovely wife! He really wanted to become a police officer, however, has discovered that giving back to a community can happen through many different careers. He’s Dad to three boys, a coach in many sports and an avid runner. He says he’d like to jump out of more airplanes some day!

David Sather

Co-Owner & Journeyperson Collision Repair Technician

David Sather, Dad to four daughters….thank goodness the dog is a boy! David is a steady eddy and level-headed in what is often a reactionary business. He makes people feel at home and always takes the time to ask how you are. A farm kid, auto body almost chose him, working on tractors and farm trucks growing up, along with the satisfaction of taking something damaged and making it new again. David would like to expand his skill of wood working as he enjoys building something from the ground up.

Shane Desrosiers

Co-Owner and Journeyperson Collision Repair Technician

Shane is quietly, amazingly smart. He’s analytical. He’s constantly learning and stretching himself. His understanding of the tooling and equipment in our industry is undeniably the best in the business. We might be a little bit biased! Shane is a Cross Fit junkie, Dad to four kiddos and husband to Kyla. He’s also a Dance Chauffer on the side. His attention to detail is crazy and it shows when asked about a skill he’d like to learn – building a ship in a bottle because it would push that attention to detail and creativeness to a whole new level.

Kyle Dolan

Journeyperson Collision Repair Technician

Handsome and Steady. Kyle is our guy! Kyle is described as an incredibly talented and dedicated technician and an outstanding friend.  He is looked up to for his healthy lifestyle. Kyle is Dad to Sadie and Ryker and husband to Christina. Kyle’s love of cars inspired his career in collision repair and growing up on the farm gave him endless opportunity to put his skills to work. You might see a Parr Auto Body sponsored car out at the drag track someday as Kyle says he’d love to try it out!

Nicole Sheetka

Journeyperson Collision Repair Technician

Nic! This girl really does have the skills. Nic is a talented race car driver, local small business owner of a graphics company and collision repair technician. Nic says being in the shop does not feel like “work” to her. She’d love to challenge herself to learn more the mechanical side of vehicle repair as it’s a hot topic within the racing community she has immersed herself in. Nic is always trying something new – watch out, next you might see her barrel racing.

Samantha Henderson

Parts Queen & Insurance Liason

The band is getting back together!  The lovely Samantha Henderson is coming home to Parr Auto Body.  She will be mentoring/running our Parts Department and assisting our team customer experience and administration.  Samantha is engaged to Mike and is dog mom to Rosie.  She loves nature, pickled carrots and bananas!

Janelle Hennessey

Apprentice Collision Repair Technician

Janelle, Mama to Paisley and Cash, is an apprentice at Parr Auto Body and she says the opportunity to be part of our Parr Team has ignited a passion in her. She goes out of her way to get any task done in a professional manner and is part of Parr’s continued success. Janelle has a wild side; did you know that she was a barrel racer in high school? Janelle would love to learn sign language and write braille because our world can be a scary place for all people and the ability to help others through the challenges would be amazing.

Frances Wilson

Accounting Assistant

Frances, described as a sweetheart by her team, has a quirky sense of humor and always has a smile on her face. She loves music and is a fixture at the Ness Creek Music Festival. When asked about learning something new? Fran would like to play the harmonica and hang glide…..hopefully not at the same time!

Trista Ruckaber

Operations Leader

Trista keeps us in line and on our toes!  Her background both as a process engineer along with leadership in health and wellness brings a unique perspective to our business.  With both process and customer care, we’re building top notch systems and care into every customer experience.  Trista is married to Jason and they are cat parents to the coolest cat breed, Devon Rex cats.  She loves wine, and butter….not sure in which order!

Matt Macdonald

Apprentice Collision Repair Technician

Matt, a detailer and apprentice here at the shop is a quiet guy who simply does whatever it takes to get the job done. He’s game for learning and is always open to new opportunity. He really enjoys cars and the transformation from damaged vehicles to repaired vehicles inspired him to try out collision repair. Matt says he’d love to learn how to drift a car around the track!

Jamie Tataryn

Repair Planner & Journeyperson Automotive Service Techncian

Parr is so much fun that after about 14 years away, Jamie is back to join the family!  Jamie is a journeyperson automotive service technician who brings great experience to our team with his knowledge of mechanical, electrical and vehicles in general.  He’s got a smile on his face and he’s open to continuous learning.  Jamie is surrounded by women; his lovely wife Shannon and 2 little girls.  He’s a “car” guy and loves to take his girls camping in his downtime.

Emily van Leeuwen

Customer Care Representative

The biggest smile you’ll see is when you walk in the door and get greeted by Emily.  She’s married to Matt, cat mom to 2 cats and spends her downtime volunteering with cat rescues and baking extravagant sweets that she shares with the team!  Emily loves decorating for all seasons and is the one who makes sure we’re decked out here at the shop as well.

Paige Pain

Apprentice Collision Repair Technician

Paige grew up in a locally owned business that her parents run so comes to us with the background of understanding what it’s like in small business.  What an asset.  She’s never afraid to jump in and try something new and is willing to learn whatever is thrown at her. Paige loves horses and is an amazing artist as well as plant hoarder to something like 200 plants!

Brandon Finke

Apprentice Collision Repair Technician

A little bit adventurous, this guy LOVES rock climbing.  He grew up in a family where his parents were (and still are) long boarding, skate boarding and kayaking.  He always comes in with a funny story to share.  Brandon started with us as a detailer and is excited to be on the path of learning to become a skilled technician.

Donavon Blackwell

Apprentice Collision Repair Technician

Donvavon comes from small town Saskatchewan, with a work ethic to match.  This guy always has a smile on his face and is willing to jump in and be challenged at a moment’s notice.  He’s a musician and likes motorcycles and is a goat farmer!  What the heck?  Don’t you want to hear more about that?

Dusty Don Pogoda


Dusty Don has a long history in our trade.  He has spent his career working in auto body, as well as a successful role as a youth leader in a local church.  Don is part of a family of race car enthusiasts, he loves to bike, fish and spend time with his family and grandkids.  Don retired from Parr and missed us so much is back, doing projects and odd jobs and showing up for us as a positive mentor to all of our team!

Bella the Best

Chief Morale Officer

Bella is our Chief Morale Officer at Parr Auto Body.  She sparks joy in everyone’s day…..from our amazing customers walking through the door, to our team and other Parr stakeholders .  She’s always up for a belly rub or walk.  You really will be her favorite if you walk in the door with a treat.  Bella is a Black Labrador Retriever and lives for car rides, the cottage and squirrel and rabbit watching, along with the treats! 🙂

Miranda Qirqqut

Lead Detailer

Miranda has joined our team as our Lead Detailer and her smile lights up Parr Auto Body every day! Miranda brings Professional Detailing experience to Parr Auto Body and puts a special touch on every vehicle that leaves the shop.

Andie Stuart

Parts Shipper & Receiver

Andie did her Work Ed Placement at Parr back in January 2022 and liked us so much she wanted to come work with us.  Andie just graduated high school in June 2022 and brings a young, fresh perspective to us.  She’s being taken under the wing of Parr Alumni Samantha, who is back on board and will be learning from the best!

Jaskaran Singh Deol

Detailer & Apprentice Technician

Jaskaran moved from India to Canada a year ago….all by himself!  He’s moved in with his Auntie who is settled in Saskatoon.  This guy is determined.  He is biking to work every day and shows up with a smile on his face!

Sean Regan

Journeyperson Collision Repair Technician

Sean and his family have recently moved to Canada all the way from the UK!  He first connected with Parr long before COVID times and patiently waited that out and as soon as paperwork was complete, bravely moved to the centre of the universe in the middle of January.