Our Team

Our Crew

The team at Parr Auto Body is made of up a unique group of super cool, passionate, people who don’t hesitate to go above and beyond to make bringing your vehicle into our shop, a positive and enjoyable experience. But guess what? This team of people also goes above and beyond to make Parr a wonderful place to come to work every day.

So, here’s an opportunity to get to know more about the people behind these smiling faces…and you will see why we love what we do!

Chelsea Stebner

Managing Partner

Chelsea is the managing partner and is passionate about her team and the business development of Parr Auto Body.  She is very proud of her dedicated Parr Family, and loves that they are always looking for opportunities to learn and grow. Her team says she’s always there to help out when needed and always has a big smile on her face! To kick back, Chelsea will be found up north pulling in the walleye or perfecting her Pilates Rollover!

Don Pogoda

Customer Engagement and Quality Advisor

Don is an owner at Parr Auto Body and wants clients to know one very important thing; that the people at Parr sincerely give a damn. And yep, that’s pretty much a direct reflection of Don himself as he is a very funny and caring man who truly enjoys coming to work each morning. Don is also a licensed canine behaviorist and just completed a 1600 km bicycle trip!

Brayden Neufeld

Shop Manager

Being an owner of the business as well as a repair technician, combines Brayden’s skills as a leader together with his love of cars. Team members praise Brayden’s exceptional leadership abilities. He lives by the motto that ‘It’s not work when you love what you do’, and likes that he learns something new every day. His work family may be surprised to hear that Brayden is scared – no, terrified of mice!

David Sather

Refinish Technician and Paint Coordinator

David works as a refinish technician in the shop and is also a proud owner of Parr Auto Body. He is committed to doing flawless, excellent work and loves the family of awesome people he gets to spend his days with. The team at Parr value David’s quiet wisdom and appreciate that he takes the time ask how you’re doing and genuinely cares about the answer. David likes woodworking when he’s not busy working on cars.

Shane Desrosiers

Collision Repair Technician & Team Trainer

Shane is an owner and repair technician at Parr Auto Body. He wants clients to know that work done at Parr is work done right. He enjoys watching his co- workers learn and grow and improve. Other collision repair shops look to Shane for training through our industry wide I-CAR continuous learning program. Shane’s favourite blanket is a handmade afghan…just in case you were wondering.

Samantha Henderson

Parts & Administrative Coordinator

Samantha is our “go to” person at Parr Auto Body with parts procurement, computers and customers which means she’s a hot commodity!   Samantha’s favourite part of Parr is the people who she works with. The team says her friendly personality and cool vibe make her an awesome member of the Parr family.   Samantha is proud dog mom to Rosie, a Bernese and Leonberger cross.  She also enjoys yoga and bananas, but not necessarily at the same time.

Kyle Dolan

Estimator and Repair Planner

Kyle is a journeyman collision repair technician at Parr who believes in treating every vehicle like it’s his own. He loves the people at Parr and they love him, as coworkers describe him as a caring, loving friend, husband, and father. Kyle stays active playing beach volleyball and hockey. Over the course of his life, Kyle has had over 80 stitches from various sports accidents, say what???

Ryan Koroll

Collision Repair Technician

Ryan is doing what he’s always wanted to do by working at Parr as a collision repair technician. His favourite part of his job is the people. Ryan’s coworkers think he’s pretty awesome in general and love the fact he brings laughter to Parr every single day. Part of his awesomeness? His love of ABBA.

Gary Kotzer

Collision Repair Technician

Gary enjoys his job at Parr as a collision repair technician, but he particularly enjoys annoying his coworker Shane. He believes that a job well done takes a lot of time and patience.  Gary is married to Lisa and the are dog parents of Meatball, a bulldog.  Interestingly enough, even though Gary can be pretty shy, he does enjoy romantic walks to Little Caesars Pizza from Whiskey Jacks.

Klo Htoo


Klo is Parr’s prepper, and he is known to be solid and steady, a person the team can rely on. Klo is Burmese and lived in a Thailand refugee camp and he continues to preserve his ethnic culture through his involvement in the Karen Community in Saskatoon. One thing that his coworkers all agree on is that there is way more than what meets the eyes with Klo.

Nicole Sheetka

Apprentice Technician

Nicole loves the family environment at Parr and believes that the core values of honesty, integrity, safety, and craftsmanship really shine through the whole shop. Coworkers think Nicole is pretty amazing and a very hardworking member of the team. Outside of work, Nicole races cars with Sheetka Sisters Racing. Come check her out on the track!

Chris Duret

Apprentice Technician

Chris is part of the detailing team at Parr and is a super hard worker; when he’s done his work, he’s always asking if anybody could use help. His favourite part of working at Parr is the people. Chris is a hardcore Subaru enthusiast.

Janelle Hennessey


Janelle is the talented Pro Detail Department at Parr Auto Body.  Janelle’s motivation in life?  Her beautiful daughter Paisley, her mini me!

Frances Wilson

Admin and Accounting Assistant

Fran, lover of animals and professional yogi.  She’s passionate about yoga and helping people have a great quality of life.

Chris Jurkiewicz

Apprentice Technician

Chris is young man that is seriously impressing us.  Detailed, determined and passionate.  Plus, he ALWAYS has a smile on his face!

Cole Nixey


Cole is the newest addition to Parr Detailing Team.  Catch him if you can out at Wyant Group Speedway racing in the Ministock Division.  His goal this year is defending his 2017 Championship Title.  Next year?  Pro Truck Division.